The success of APC application is based mainly on expertise both in process and control.
Our team has implemented in their professional careers hundreds of solutions in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries worldwide.


Our independence from any technology ensures that we recommend the most appropriate unbiased solution guaranteeing that only the tools needed to achieve the best results are used.


Enroll now in our unique maintenance program to boost the performances of your Advanced Process Control applications. Make sure that the applications deliver the maximum benefits year after year.


Alpha Academy offers a comprehensive set of training classes in process control ranging from regulatory control to design and maintenance of multivariable control applications.
Attending the classes offered by the Academy gives participants a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.

100+ Man-Year of Experience

Alpha engineers have an extensive experience on a wide variety of process units in the Oil&Gas, Petrochemical and Process industries. From process analysis to regulatory and multivariable control, Alpha engineers assist customers in optimizing their units.

250+ APC Applications

Alkylation, FCC, Coking, CDU, HCU, HDS,Isomerization, Lubes, Reforming, Visbreaking, Thermal Cracking, Furfurol Extraction, Hot Oil Circuit, PP Splitter, H-Oil, Ethylene, MTBE, TAME, Aromatics,BTX, ETB, Butadiene, VMC, PTA, Methanol, Ammonia, Acetic Acid, etc.

1000+ Inferred Measures

Alpha team has implemented thousand of inferential measures from simple distillation columns to complex fractionators and reactors. Alpha applies a unique methodology to deliver robust
and accurate inferentials.

Proudly Presenting: Distillation Control and Optimization

Author: Prof. Alessandro Brambilla, Co-founder of Alpha Process Control

Written by an expert with more than 30 years of industry experience, Distillation Control and Optimization: Operation Fundamentals through Software Control is filled with proven solutions to control problems in distillation processes.

This authoritative guide discusses regulatory control and the development of advanced control systems such as multivariable predictive control. Realworld examples of commercial units analyzed using the results of rigorous simulation models are included. Detailed diagrams illustrate the proven methods presented in this practical resource.

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