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ALPHA Academy offers a comprehensive set of training classes in process control ranging from regulatory control to design and maintenance of multivariable control applications. Attending the classes offered by the Academy gives participants a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. When they go back to their office or plant they will be able to immediately improve the performances of both regulatory and advanced control applications.


All the training courses have a practical approach. The courses make extensive use of examples taken from real world applications. The participants will learn methodologies, techniques and “tricks of the trade”. Hands on exercises with specific software tools will enable participants to put into practice what they have learnt during the class.


The courses range from the regulatory control design, PID tuning to best practices in applying state of the art techniques to complex refining and petrochemical units such as Fluid Catalytic Cracking or Ethylene complexes.


The wide range of classes offered can be taken by fresh to experienced process and control engineers or technicians. Participants can take the course of interest or follow the entire Academy curriculum based on their actual needs.



Regulatory Process Control In Practice


Participants will learn methodologies, industry proven rules and tricks-of-the-trade that will allow them to understand and solve most of the issues encountered in improving the performances of regulatory process control scheme, directly increasing plant profitability.

Multivariable Predictive Control In Practice


Participants will go back to site and improve the performances of existing Multivariable Predictive Control applications and they will be able to successfully follow the correct steps in the execution of new projects and revamps.

On-Line Estimation of Qualities In Practice


Participants will understand how to build an accurate inferential and what to do in a wide variety of practical cases from simple distillation columns to main fractionators.

Distillation Operation and Control


Participants will learn to understand and troubleshoot the main operational problems of distillation columns and to optimize their performances using the most efficient regulatory and advanced control schemes.

Advanced Process Control Best Practices


Participants will learn what are the main objectives of the application of APC to a specific process unit and how to implement a successful strategy. They will understand what are the main issues and how to troubleshoot them, maintaining the unit at its top performances.

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