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The success of APC application is based mainly on expertise both in process and control. Our team has implemented in their professional careers hundreds of solutions in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries worldwide.


ALPHA Process Control independence from any technology ensures that we recommend the most appropriate unbiased solution guaranteeing that only the tools needed to achieve the best results are used.


Enroll now in ALPHA Process Control’s unique maintenance program to boost the performances of your Advanced Process Control applications. Make sure that the applications deliver the maximum benefits year after year.


ALPHA Academy offers a comprehensive set of training classes in process control ranging from regulatory control to design and maintenance of multivariable control applications.
Attending the classes offered by the Academy gives participants a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.



ALPHA Profit Program

Alpha Profit Program is a unique approach to restore optimum performances of sub-utilised multi-variable control solutions. Alpha guarantees that the applications where the program is applied will always perform at their best.

Multivariable Control Solutions

From technology selection, to project execution, Alpha engineers can assist customers’ project teams in implementing APC solutions. Its independency from technology guarantees that only the tools needed to achieve the best results are used. Alpha has developed a set of best practices that shortens project execution with measurable results.

Feasibility Studies and Post Audits

Alpha performs benefit and post audit analysis. Our independence from technology providers attests that our feasibility studies will recommend the most appropriate unbiased solution. The benefits we guarantee are always audit proof.

Inferentials Development

Alpha team has implemented thousands of inferential measures on most of refining, petrochemical and chemical plants. Alpha applies a unique methodology to deliver robust and accurate calculations.

Regulatory and Advanced Control Solutions

Alpha teams can review and implement simple and traditional advanced control solutions. In many cases a significant amount of benefit can be obtained without the need of expensive multivariable control applications and extremely short return of investment.